5 Tips To Make The Right Decision In Your Life

The way you create decisions is necessary. After all, your life is now the effect of your decisions. So how do you build the right decision in life?

1. Ask the Right Question.

Growth-sloping decisions and horror-based decisions have different questions behind them. The question behind fright-based decisions is: “What if it doesn’t work?”This question fills your mind with negative possibilities. It leads you to fear. It leads you to take the safe path. The question behind growth-slanting decisions, on the other hand, is: “What if it does work?”This question fills your brain with helpful promise. It leads you to hopefulness. It leads you to take the danger needed to get to your filled potential.

2. Aim to reduce Regret.

Fear-based decisions would guide to be sorry. So a good way to push yourself to make growth-oriented decisions is to use framework. Aim to minimise your regret in life. Aim not to have miss opportunity. You don’t desire to seem back at your life years .

3. Be Selective.

While you should not miss opportunities, you should make sure that you take the right opportunities.You see, your capacity is limited. If you use it for the wrong opportunities, you wouldn’t have enough left for the right ones. Rick Warren put it well, “Say no to good opportunities so that you can say yes to the great ones.”

4. Build a Cushion.

Instead of taking risks blindly, you should take calculated risks. This requires you to build a cushion. That’s how you can take risks without being irresponsible.

5. Organise your thoughts.

By making it a habit to set aside a few minutes each day to empty and organise your brain, you can drastically improve your ability to focus, complete tasks and achieve your goals.

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